The Candidates for Camborne and Redruth

The Candidates for Camborne and Redruth

Cornwall will vote together with the rest of the country on the General Elections on December 12, Thursday. But before that, the candidates were asked to tell something about themselves and their opinions and views on certain subjects concerning Cornwall and the country.

The Candidates who are vying for votes in Redruth and Camborne are:

George Eustice (Conservative)

George Eustice was born and raised in Cornwall. His family has been in Redruth and Camborne for more than 400 years working on different jobs. He was raised at Trevaskis Farms and has been inspired to take up farming and agriculture at Cornwall College.

After 10 years in the family industry, Eustice decided to join the Business for Sterling and worked as a press secretary for David Cameron until 2007.

He was then voted as a Member of the Parliament and has worked to deal with the prejudices in Cornwall. He was also a government minister for 6 years responsible for fisheries, food, and agriculture at DEFRA.


Paul Farmer (Labour)

Paul Farmer was born in Black Country and was raised in South London. He worked different kinds of jobs including being a bus driver and a social worker.

He took up a degree in theatre and established A39, showcasing plays about the culture and history of Cornwall. He also founded Scavel An Gow and became a filmmaker. He was even nominated to stand for Cornwall in the project of the European Regions of Culture.

Now, he is a Film Professor at Falmouth University.


Paul Holmes (Liberal)


Karen La Borde (Green Party)

Karen La Borde was a former director of a family business that she just sold to focus on small family business. As she watches her grandchildren grow up, she has been overly concerned about the report of the IPCC last 2018 regarding ecological and climate emergencies. She has then become a climate activist ever since. She has urged Cornwall Council to announce a climate emergency.  She has marched along the bridges in London to fight for what she believes in. She was even arrested for trying to block a road in Whitehall. She promises to never stop campaigning until she sees a real change.

Florence MacDonald (Liberal Democrat)

Florence MacDonald is a music specialist and a primary teacher currently residing in Four Lanes. She has even stood for Cornwall during Celtic music contests. She is also a proud counselor on the Parish of Cam Brea.

Her family stayed on Cornwall when she turned 12 years old. She studied Theatre and English language studies at Glasgow University. She has been passionate about reforms concerning education.

She has been engaged in politics after the Brexit poll and has been working for the population of Redruth, Camborne, and Hayle.













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