The Bristol bus challenges are bittersweet


The issues that Bristol bus passengers have been facing for about two months such as overcrowding, lateness and cancelation of buses show that a rising number of people are using public transportation.

The problems were intensified this year when the upgrade on the railway began. More people were caused to find alternate means of transportation by bus and by cars. A seasonal increase in population also added to the problem when schools resumed and tens of thousands of students entered into the city. The increase in transport demand led to the First Bus company being short about 150 drivers across the entire West England region.

James Freeman, First Bus’ managing director says that drivers have been brought in from across the country to make up for the shortage and more drivers are being recruited.

Metro mayor Tim Bowles met with Mr Freeman after which he said that the popularity of buses in the region has increased and the plan is to work with First and other bus companies on addressing the challenges that come with success. He noted that “transport corridors” are going to be created between Bristol and Bath and South Gloucestershire.

The mayor said that for the efforts to be successful, the connectivity issue has to be addressed with a variety of measures and provide transport opportunities that will give people the option to travel how they choose. The West of England Combined Authority (Weca) will be central to solving the region’s transport issues.



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