Tesco Worker in Bristol Tests Positive for Coronavirus

Tesco Worker in Bristol Tests Positive for Coronavirus
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A worker at the Tesco store in Bristol tested positive for coronavirus today. The individual developed a fever and was rushed to a nearby dispensary for testing. The test results confirmed that he had the deadly Covid-19 virus.

However, the patient was put under isolation and is recovering well. The patient was transferred to an isolation site near his residence.

The management of the Quedgeley-based store said that the incident has caused panic among the workers. They added that three other workers at the store are also in self-isolation.

A Tesco spokesperson confirmed that the individual who tested positive for coronavirus was a worker at the store. She added that they acted quickly as the safety of their customers, suppliers, and colleagues is their number one priority.

The spokesperson went ahead to say that they are working together with the public health agency in England in monitoring the situation. She added that they are following the agency’s advice and relevant precautions to ensure that their customers, suppliers, and colleagues are safe.

However, the store is still open because the virus was detected and contained in a good time. Normal operations at the store in Bristol Road resumed in the afternoon after a crisis meeting between the management and the workers.

Bristol City has so far recorded three cases of coronavirus. England’s health agency, PHE, is expected to release the official figures of confirmed coronavirus cases by the end of the day.

The UK has recorded over 500 cases of coronavirus with 8 deaths. Experts warned that the figures could rise as the virus is spreading rapidly.

Coronavirus originated from Wuhan in China in November last year. Over 130,000 cases have been recorded all over the world with mainland China, Italy, Iran, and South Korea recording the highest numbers. Some countries have responded by issuing travel restrictions, curfews, school closures, and quarantines.

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