Tenants Living in Resorts are Being Forced Out to Make Way for Tourists

Tenants Living in Resorts are Being Forced Out to Make Way for Tourists

Lockdown restriction across the United Kingdom is slowly lifted. Britons finally have their chance for a much-awaited seaside holiday. 

However, the residents who have been living in these resorts are being forced to move out by landlords and second-homeowners who are in favour of accommodating tourists who can stay for a shorter period of time but willing to pay more than what the residents can. 

The shortage of homes has left renters more competitive. Rightmove, a housing website, had only 62 properties across the country available for rent by Friday evening. In contrast, Airbnb had about 10,290 active listings available.

Across the country, house prices had risen up to 15% since April last year. Seaside areas known for their good climate and reputation like Cornwall have taken the worst hit. This has caused many families to struggle to find long-term accommodation.

A 42-year-old deputy headteacher named Louise, moved to Newquay to Leicester with her two daughters and her husband last December to take up a job at a primary school. 

According to her, they’ve already sold two properties before the move. Although they received a decent deposit, they’ve been looking for a home since September last year. There simply wasn’t any property available that can be bought or rented.

As a result, they settled to rent an Airbnb property instead for £1,300. This is a manageable price for her £40,000 income. However, they were forced to move out last week so that the owner could make twice as much as they would have for this holiday season. They will be forced to stay with her parents in Leicester during the half-term. 

Well-off families have been forced to rely on food banks. Before the pandemic, DISC Newquay handed out 60 meals a day. Now it’s risen to 4,000. According to Manager Monique Collins, if this continues, Newquay can turn into a ghost town.

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