Temperature In Britain Drops Indicating the Possibility of Snow This 2019


Forecasters predicted that Britain could possibly experience snow during the first week of the year. They have indicated that temperature has already dropped to a low of -7C which is a sign of a winter season.

According to weather forecasting specialist Aidan McGivern, the current clear skies indicate that temperature dropping to -7C in Wales, Scotland and West England would mean that clouds could be forming in other parts of the UK. He also stated that residents should expect fog as a mark of the start of Winter.

This prompted local governments to start preparing for the season by treating roads as to cover up the ice patches. Community members have already begun deploying gritters in order to cover roadsides in Wigan wherein the temperature has already reached -4C.

The Met Office also warns about possible cold weather. The Met Office announced that there is a very high chance of colder weather in the following days– especially at the end of January. This was followed by a statement to watch out for the risk of fog, snow, and frost which may affect the streets. This raised the concern as to whether or not UK will feel a similar extreme cold season like last year.

Last February and March 2018, extremely heavy snow and very cold temperatures disrupted road travel and even caused car accidents killing about 17 people in the process. This extreme cold season, also known as the “Beast from the East”, became a hazard due to the travel disruptions it caused. This pushed the Met Office to prevent such instances of accidents again.

So far, the Met Office stated that a similar cold season is not certain yet, but residents should expect quite a lot of snow and a big drop in the temperature very soon.