The Best Way to Get Kids Into Digital in Cornwall


The digital and tech sector in Cornwall may be thriving but the recruitment of home grown talent has not always followed.

Schools, colleges and universities are working hard to change the trend of companies having to recruit from out of county to fill vacancies or face seeing their own growth hampered.

Education providers are also working hand in hand with the industry to make their courses relevant and improve young people’s chances of finding meaningful, well paid employment right here in Cornwall.

Cornwall Live Edge Awards in an interview with Belinda Waldock, co-founder and director of Software Cornwall gets answers to questions about what the tech sector is doing to get kids fired up about tech.

When asked how tech sector works with education providers to ensure youths can have a career in Cornwall, she said:

“We have a number of programmes now which are connecting the tech business community with all levels of education. We work closely with the colleges and universities to help customise their degrees, apprenticeships and courses to better fit the skills needs of local employers.”

Belinda Waldock also said that the Software Cornwall programmes aim to create new and innovative ways to engage with them and help to explore their interests in tech beyond being a consumer.

“We are currently developing new missions that will engage more young people to explore a career in tech, one that is appealing to wider range of students, including women, but also more broadly inclusive too, so that no matter who you are you feel empowered and supported to explore a career in tech if you wish to,” she added.


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