How to Prevent Data Loss from the Cloud

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One of the big business breakthroughs of this century has come from computing based on the cloud. Roughly speaking, the cloud allows you to save files — not onto a hard drive in a physical location with all the downsides of limited physical storage — but in a ‘third space’ beyond your computer. It’s here where you can gain entry to documents without having access to physical infrastructure and that’s why you can start writing a contract in New York, and finish it on the plane to Honolulu. But, to protect the data you store on the cloud, you need to follow some simple security protocols, like those listed below.

Be Careful with Passwords

The side-effect of cloud computing is that many employees choose to access sensitive documents from their personal PC or laptop, which can lead to data breaches. You’re simply less security-minded when it comes to the computer you use to watch your favorite TV shows, stream your favorite music, and read your favorite blogs. This represents a serious black hole in your security provisions and can lead you to accidentally share documents with people with whom they should not be shared.

The upshot is that if you’re using the cloud, you need to be sure that you’re taking extra care with the security on your PC. That begins with being careful with who can access it and by keeping your computer password-protected and completely secure for the long term. Only then will you be able to guarantee that sensitive documents on your PC aren’t going to be seen by family, friends or thieves.

Using Cybersecurity

As the growth of the cloud encompasses most business processes, there is, of course, a simultaneous growth in the world of cybercrime. It’s here where criminals use weaknesses in the infrastructure of cloud-based computing to breach your security and steal valuable data that they’re then able to sell. There can be no doubt that this is a significant risk to businesses and individuals who use the cloud.

You therefore need to look to new methods of security to protect against the unique threats that come from cloud computing. For instance, if you head over to, you’ll find their incredible CASB system which is designed ready to plug in to your cloud processes in order to maintain the security across your documents and devices.

Always Back Up

The cloud isn’t invincible, just as a hard-drive isn’t invincible. It always pays to make copies of important documents and to have a store of data on an external hard-drive, a different cloud computing program, or a USB stick that you carry around with you.

There can be nothing more painful than losing data due to a glitch or fault in your cloud computing, and while these are rare, they’re not unheard of. To avoid losing valuable company and personal data, always back up your information. That way, you’ll always have at least one copy of portable documents you can fall back on.

These tips will help you protect your data when it’s stored on the cloud, keeping you working productively in a secured environment.


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