Around 50 Digital Entrepreneurs Have Positively Impacted Cornwall


Fifty of the most innovative digital entrepreneurs in Cornwall are being celebrated for creating jobs and wealth for residents.

A spokeswoman from Invest In Cornwall, the headline sponsor of the Cornwall Live Edge Awards 2018, comments, “It’s incredible to see business leaders across all sectors of the economy, from tourism to aerospace, gaming to artificial intelligence, medical advances or environmental achievements, have all chosen to make Cornwall their home and set up a business here.”

An example of one of the 50 impactful entrepreneurs is Gary Barter, who is the founder of Hertzian. Based in Truro, the Artificial Intelligence (AI) tech start-up works to create advanced technology such as machine learning and AI that will transform the way businesses operate.

Mr. Barter says, “We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of this cutting edge technology and believe the products we produce will help demonstrate its transformative power. Whether it’s producing technology that can help businesses see their customers in a completely new light or building applications to help predict future market trends, our technology competes at the highest level and is improving every day.”

Inspiring young people to choose tech as a career in the Duchy, Mr. Barter and other entrepreneurs have helped make Cornwall a thriving hub for tech.


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