A Look at Devon School Where Every Child Has Their Own High-Tech Tablet


In Broadclyst Community Primary School, teaching with ordinary pens and books are not enough.

Every child has their own tablet and a digital pen. Several interactive screens are on the wall for teaching. There are speakers dotted on the ceiling to give a surround sound experience.

No wonder the school has been awarded the Microsoft Showcase School Status, a prestigious award received by only 30 other schools in the country.

The school buys its equipment from its budget, and ensures that using technology to teach does not usurp other methods of teaching or extracurricular activities that will lead to the full development of a child.

Jonathan Bishop, the School’s Headteacher said: “In my 25 years here we have always endeavoured to embrace the latest technologies and to use them as a tool to support both teaching and learning.

“Therefore, we have always been at the cutting edge of not just embedding some of the latest technology into school but utilising it within their learning.

“We have never seen it as a replacement for teachers or other learning tools because technology is not the answer to everything. Reading, writing and mathematics are core skills that are needed to unlock the wider curriculum.

“We still learn our times tables every day as it’s a functional skill they need to know. We do the same SATs tests on paper the same as every other school in the country, without technology.”


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