Tavistock won against their near rivals Liskeard

Tavistock won against their near rivals Liskeard

Having won various matches overs the weeks, Tavistock knew that they were at an advantage to win against their near rivals Liskeard/Looe.

Right from the start of the game Tavistock new they were scheduled for a win, especially when Liskeards opening kick failed to get to 10 meters.

Out of well-constructed phases, the ball returned to George Hillson, crossing the whitewash easily while Rhys Davies added the extras.

It was not long before Tavistock went back to score again using the same strategies: This time around, it was Sam Wilton that got the ball almost to the net while Davies again added the extras.

However, Liskeard pulled up their socks to score a penalty against Tavistock. Tavistock replied by scoring yet again. The score half favored Liskeard because they kept scoring compared to Tavistock. Close to the second half, the teams had an interval of 21-19 up.

The second half proved to be tough for the two teams. They were engaged in a nervy affair because both sides were exchanging scores.

Tavistock defense remained strong for the second half and seemed to win the territory, however, possession of the ball by Cornishmen was a deciding factor, especially when they tried to get Infront trying to blindsides and take the score back favoring the guests.

However, the home side was always positive and alert, looking forward to winning. Kicks from Hillson and Davies saw Liskeard trying to fight their way to victory after Jack Easton was able to score, making the team regain the lead.

At this moment, both teams had stopped scoring. However, Tavistock came back again, and their captain Andrew Schuttkacker went through the gap to score without any contest. Two minutes to the end of the game, Liskeard tried to fight hard to win the game, but they could only come to a close-range against their rivals.

Tavistock team won the game with 36 scores, while Liskeard scored 33.

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