Taunton woman with warrant, arrested


Early Tuesday morning of November 20, a police officer doing his usual traffic patrol rounds around Taunton neighbourhood was able to unintentionally arrest a woman with a held out default arrest warrants for a revoked driver’s licence.

Police officer Mathieu Clifford said that it has been many months since a default warrant has been released on an identified city woman who was reported to be driving on the highway with a revoked driver’s licence. The woman was identified to be a 33-years-old lady named Caitlin Graziano who resides at Ingell Street in Taunton.

Funnily, the said city woman was apprehended by police officer Clifford that Tuesday morning when he came to check an unsuspecting passing vehicle on Cedar Street with a defective brake and tail lights.

Police officer Clifford said that he tried to stop the car at first instance but the vehicle continued on its way. The police officer then followed the apprehended vehicle until it turned from Cedar Street to Main Street. After getting caught, the city woman and her violating vehicle were pulled over by Clifford in front of the nearest police station.

The apprehended woman driver, apparently, was caught for having no valid driver’s licence nor a valid car registration on hand. In addition, her traffic infractions include driving with defective tail and brake lights.

A quick review of Caitlin’s police records showed that her driver’s licence has long been suspended and that she was served two arrest warrants already by the Taunton District Court.

Her unplanned arrest by police officer Clifford was a result of her driving without a valid driver’s licence, defective brake and tail lights infraction, and her two existing default warrants. One of the warrants was for driving with a suspended licence months ago. The other default warrant was for her previous violations that include faking personal identity and larceny involving credit cards.


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