Stuck Deer in Taunton, Freed

Kenneth Lindbeck-Dahlstrom/Flickr

It was the wee hours of Saturday morning, November 16, in a quiet rural neighborhood in Taunton when one of its homeowners came across a poor Roe deer stuck in between two metal bars of an automatic steel gate of her driveway.

The homeowner said that she was going home when she was surprised to see an awkward-looking Roe deer stuck in the automatic gates of her driveway. Not knowing how to help the poor animal that seemed to be in pain to escape, she immediately called RSPCA animal collection centre for rescue assistance.

Paul Adams, the animal collection officer from RSPCA of Taunton, discovered the Roe deer to be struggling between two metal bars of the automatic gate. According to him, it seemed that the animal appeared to be stuck already for hours in the gate as there were deer hairs scattered on the ground near the struggling animal. Apparently, the Roe deer tried to free itself by force but to no avail.

Upon closer look, Adams discovered that the Roe deer’s hip bone was obstructing it from breaking free. Adams said that the deer could have freed itself by escaping the other way that she came. However, things got more complicated for the deer as a part of its body was already caught on the arm ledge of the steel gate, making it harder to escape on its own. The Roe deer could not escape by itself, whether forwards or backward. Help was really needed.

Luckily, the animal collection officer thought of lifting the poor deer just a few inches. Then, the animal was finally able to squeeze itself free from the obstruction of the automatic gate.

The Roe deer only sustained a few minor abrasions and bruises arising from the forceful escape. Upon breaking free, the deer immediately took off to the nearby woodland surrounding the neighborhood.


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