Storm Dennis Caused Collapse of Cliff in Newquay

terren in Virginia/ Flickr

During the wrath of Storm Dennis, a portion of some cliffs that rest by a beach in Cornwall collapsed.

Guardians who parole along the coastline stated that the cliff debris disintegrated in Newquay, and with that, they announced warnings that the people should never go near the cliff.

There is an existing local group of people who live in Newquay called Protect Newquay Cliffs. Their mission and vision is to enforce the protection and conservation of the shores. They tweeted several photos of Storm Dennis’s downpour of heavy rainfall and destructive winds as the district is being thrashed.

The storm did not only cause destruction over Newquay but also gravely affected the areas across Cornwall and Devon. The wrath caused damage to traffic as the trees fell on a few roads that are mostly used as primary routes of motorists. A30 is included in the affected area as well. Flooding water caused by the rage of Storm Dennis has hindered some routes.

The group Protect Newquay Cliffs has disclosed the fall of cliff debris to the council of Cornwall, and they also told people to evade the slip road found in the Great Western Beach to keep them safe from harm.

As of now, there are three urgent weather notices and cautions from Met Office for the two nations, which could observe some regions thrashed with up to 5 inches of rainfall and strong blow of winds that may reach 70 meters per hour.

The police force already announced warnings to motorists and commuters that they should not travel to those affected roads unless they have the urgency to do so. This is for the safety of the public in the midst of the calamity. However, one police officer mentioned that he was already able to witness something that he called ‘stupid driving’.


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