Staff Member Divulged that the University of Bristol Did Not Prepare Before the Inevitable COVID-19 Outbreak

Staff Member Divulged that the University of Bristol Did Not Prepare Before the Inevitable COVID-19 Outbreak

An employee at the University of Bristol has affirmed that necessary preparations concerning the COVID-19 pandemic were not done, thus overburdened the staff.

Two buildings inhabited by students were declared in lockdown due to the increasing number of confirmed COVID-19 cases, which was nearing to 800.

The employees of the school insisted that they have worked so hard over the summer for the student’s welfare and a range of operations was implemented for students detected positive for the virus. They have admitted that the sudden and overwhelming increase in positive cases was a challenging reality.

An employee disagreed with the school’s statement and stated that the students have reached out to the concerned school officials but were not attended to. No clear procedures were addressed about the positive cases.

A student who tested positive for the virus complained that they ran out of food in her flat and were not supported by the university.

Another University staff member revealed to Bristol Live that complaints of the student about the scarcity of food supply were unbelievable. She divulged that the students do not pick up their food when it was delivered, thus wasting the food supply.

She added that many of the students did not treat the pandemic as a serious case because they still conduct parties even though it is prohibited.


“The overwhelming and escalating diagnosed positive cases of the virus in school was a grueling problem”, according to the spokesperson. She added, “but the staff are very grateful for the relentless hard work in coping up with the increasing pressures brought by the pandemic. It is a compulsory responsibility of every student affected to self-isolate.”

The University staff are reminding the students that it is still important to maintain social distancing in compliance with the University and the Government  COVID-19 health protocol to curb the spread of the disease.

The Residential Life assigned committee in school is offering relentless vital advice and support 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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