Somerset Expected to Be Covered in Snow on Thursday According to Weather Forecast


Met Office has continually raised a yellow weather alert to Somerset region as cold temperatures continue and, as forecasted, will bring snow by Thursday afternoon.

Color maps have been released by the Met Office to help citizens predict the movement of cold air that will bring snow in certain towns in the region. The yellow weather warning is due to take effect on Thursday at 3 PM and advises everyone in the region of power cuts and travel difficulties and delays. Everyone is advised to stay at home and lay down a fire at the hearth to keep themselves warm. Emergency responses are made ready for everyone who needs assistance during the cold weather, and homeless individuals in the region are advised to proceed to the nearest emergency shelters in the area.

The weather office had given warnings of a 95% chance of heavy snowfall on January 31 for the town of Yeovil and 90% for Bath and Weston-super-Mare. Other towns in the county will expect 75% to 80% chance of snowfall by late Thursday up to early Sunday when the weather is expected to warm up a bit.

Met Office has continued to provide weather updates through their official Twitter accounts (@MetOffice and @MetOfficeUK) and has prepared to raise the yellow weather alert to avoid snow-related accidents. Their social media accounts continue to provide information regarding the cold weather, from storm maps to humidity indicators. The yellow weather alert is set to end on Friday at 12 NN.

It is highly advised to prepare for this heavy snowfall as early as today to avoid being perished in frost bites and colds. Train and bus stations are putting a hold on their trips for the upcoming weather and will resume operations once it has subdued. Power outages are expected in rural areas and in some urban areas as well.


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