Two Alien Figures were Drawn onto a Historical Ancient Stone

Two Alien Figures were Drawn onto a Historical Ancient Stone
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Two alien figures have been sprayed on a 5,000-year-old stone in Cornwall. The ancient stone, Mulfra Quoit, got the community’s attention due to the recognizable symbols sprayed on it. The community and concerned groups expressed their anger and rage about the event.

It’s a belief that the suspect(s) of the vandalism may come from the local citizens. The symbols are two alien figures drawn with charcoal. The part where the graffiti has drawn is easy to reach that is why it was targeted.

The Cornish Ancient Sites Protection Network expressed their disappointment in disrespecting the historical artifact. Mulfra Quoit is believed to be around 5,000 years old. Its remains have been existing dating from 3500 to 2500 BC. It is believed as a remain of Neolithic Dolmen that originally had five stones. Four stones are upright supporting one flat capstone. It is believed as a chamber megalithic tomb as well.

The incident was already reported to Historic England. Possible solutions to remove the graffiti have also been discussed by the experts. Since the alien figures were drawn using charcoal, the group is discussing the best and appropriate way of removing it without causing any damage to the stone.

Cheryl Straffon, one of the members of Cornish Ancient Sites Protection Network, stated that the group is carefully considering treatments to avoid leaving any marks upon cleaning the stone. For her, it may be a crucial event because the ancient stone has been existing for a very long time.

Local citizens outraged and expressed their opinion about the incident. Many people say that the incident is full of stupidity and impoliteness to ancient stones. Many people also say that whoever the culprit is, he/she needs serious attention.

Overall, everyone is hoping for the best to preserve the ancient stone. Experts also wish that all citizens will learn how to preserve and respect historical places.

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