Truro housing residents, furious after trees are cut down without warning

Truro housing residents, furious after trees are cut down without warning
Robin Drayton/Geograph

Several residents in a housing estate in Truro were angry after several trees were suddenly cut down without any warning in front of their houses. According to a city councillor who showed his support of the said residents, such “level of destruction” could produce a very negative impact on the area’s wildlife.

This incident happened last week where a large number of trees lining the estate down Tregolls Road were cut down. This incident was discussed by the residents on a Facebook page to express awareness of the issue to their fellow residents in Beechwood Parc.

One user commented that such an event was really heartbreaking. Meanwhile, another resident said that this event should be taken responsibility by the one who instructed the cutting down of trees. Unfortunately, the Cornwall Council stated that the cutting down of trees was beyond their authority.

According to the council’s planning department, they had already forwarded the issue to Planning Enforcement. However, since the trees aren’t subject to any Tree Preservation Orders and are not even included in a conservation area, there’s really nothing they can do about it.

Loic Rich, city councillor, told Cornwall Live that the event was likely caused by a property developer who has purchased the site and cut down several trees, thereby causing lots of wildlife homeless or even dead.

He mentioned that the scale of destruction can be easily noticed. During the first night where the cutting down of trees took place, someone from Cormac told him that he’s seen a swarm of bats flying around.

According to reports, residents approached Cornwall Council to seek for help and see if there was a planning application that was submitted for the land where the said trees were suddenly cut down.

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