Recycling Worker in Exeter Shows Amusing Dance Moves

Recycling Worker in Exeter Shows Amusing Dance Moves
Alison Day/Flickr

While on field duty, a key worker at Exeter named Steve Annetts suddenly showed some energetic dance moves, added with twirling and spinning of his broom up in the air.

People were cheered by such hilarious dance moves showcased by Steve whose dancing activity was recorded by the company’s CCTV.

Steve Annetts, a key worker in Exeter Recycling Center, thought to himself that his working site is not just anymore a place for him to do his tasks, but is also a perfect site for him to show off his dancing moves.

In a video clip shared by the City Council of Exeter, it showed how Steve all of a sudden performed a solo dance while sweeping the rubble into a pile on the working site.

His colleague Matt Hulland shared that they were all feeling tired and anxious that Monday thinking of the COVID-19 Pandemic. One thing he typically does while at work, said Matt, is play some music on the radio. When music is played, according to Matt, Steve will just spontaneously dance to the rhythm. But he wasn’t expecting that this time would involve more spirited moves from Steve. Matt said that even him, he was surprised by the quirkiness of Steve’s dance moves.

Viewers of the said video were quick to express their praise to Steve’s hilarious dance moves. One viewer expressed: “Thank you that made me smile.”

Another person who was cheered up by his dancing said: “The man’s a legend! Always keeps us happy.”

As much as Steve enjoyed his dancing moves, the same amount of enjoyment was also experienced by many viewers who commended him for it. It was an uplifting video to many who saw it because it has given them so much positive vibe given the current health crisis.


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