People Dismayed Over RCT Council’s New Rules for Paddling Pool in Pontypridd


During the last week, the Rhondda Cynon Taf (RCT) Council imposed new rules to be strictly followed by the management team and those who use the paddling pool in Pontypridd.

However, the majority claimed that the council did not have a prior discussion before implementing the regulations, which greatly dismayed the pool users (especially parents) and pool volunteers.

For over 50 years, this paddling pool, also known as the Butcher’s pool or the Ankle Wash, is a famous attraction for families during vacations and summer holidays. It is located in Ynysybwl of Pontypridd, Wales.

The council already closed the pool in 2014, but a group of individuals known as Friends of Butcher’s Pool came to the rescue.

Unfortunately, just recently, the RCT council has again made its authority known to the pool community. Its lifeguards insisted that the adults can no longer properly supervise their children because the paddling pool is already overcrowded, making it difficult for them to supervise the swimming area. Due to this, they have been asking parents or adults to leave the pool.

These events alarmed the entire community. The pool management even feared that this will cause the people to never visit the vicinity again.

The representatives of RCT reiterated that their actions were just a reflection of their continued adherence to the child-adult ratio in the water. This is one of the national guidelines and regulations implemented by the Royal Life Saving Society (RLSS UK). In fact, it is observed by other local authorities in Wales as a basis for pool and swimming safety policies.

Furthermore, RCT reassured the people that it has no intention of shutting down the services of Butcher’s pool. They are just raising awareness and offering their guidance to families because their main concern as of the moment is the children’s safety in the water.


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