For the first time, the Bristol Bus Boycott turned into a musical instead

For the first time, the Bristol Bus Boycott turned into a musical instead
Geof Sheppard/Wikimedia

In an exciting twist of events, the Bristol Bus Boycott gets turned into a musical for the first time instead. What made it even more exciting is the fact that the musical will be performed by a group of children who’ve never been to Bristol before.

This group of children all attended a drama project that’s set on the Draper Estate at the Elephant & Castle. They’re currently writing and practicing what’s thought to be the first-ever musical regarding the seminal episode in modern British history.

The musical, which has a title “People Like You”, will be performed in a few weeks at the Draper Center as part of the Black History Month.

Bristol’s bus boycott started when black residents of Bristol challenged the so-called “colour bar” which was implemented by the Bristol Bus Company back in the 1950s to 1960s.

In 1963, a test case was set up by an action group to arrange an interview for Guy Bailey, a young black man who was trying to land a job at the bus company. Unfortunately, the said interview got cancelled when the company found out that the applicant was black. This further cemented the presence of the unofficial colour bar.

Due to that event, black people started the bus boycott which was then supported by other white people living in Bristol.

The boycott became the national issue, and several politicians including Tony Benn even intervened.

Due to the campaign, the Race Relations Act was implemented to charge anyone with a criminal offence when proven to be discriminating someone based on his colour.

The said musical will premiere on October 26 at the Draper Hall. Meanwhile, the team which staged the musical is looking forward to linking up with the Bristol community.

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