Dugan Murder Retrial: Rhoden, “Not Guilty”

Dugan Murder Retrial: Rhoden, “Not Guilty”
George Hodan/ Public Domain Pictures

On the midnight of July 8, 2010, a man named Joseph Dugan was shot dead.

The prime suspect was named Jeremy L. Rhoden, 28 years old, a resident of Taunton. He was accused of shooting Dugan at the back of the head that immediately killed the latter. An alleged accomplice to the crime was named Donnelle Bates, who acted as the getaway driver.

In December 2015, Rhoden and Bates were charged due to information provided by Kevin Bates. Kevin Bates is the uncle of Donnelle Bates. He provided testimony to the prosecutors to reduce his sentence in a case related to guns and drugs.

The members of the Dugan family believed that Jeremy was killed because of mistaken identity. They professed that Jeremy’s murder is related to a stabbing murder of Tigan Hollingsworth that happened two weeks before he was slain. However, Attorney Thomas Quinn of Bristol County District is in doubt of the connection between the two murder cases.

A jury was deadlocked after hearing the testimony for the murder trial. The retrial was triggered last July and resulted in a “not guilty” verdict. The decision relied on the testimonies of eyewitnesses, records, and circumstantial evidence.

Debby Alves, sister of Dugan, hoped that the verdict of the jury would be guilty. She said that she is just hoping for justice for her brother.

In a statement, Quinn acknowledges the work of the prosecutors, police officers, investigators and the jury. According to him, a lot of time and attention was given to the case. He respects the verdict of the jury and believes that it must be accepted.

Peter Corr, a police detective in Taunton, expressed his disappointment with the result of the retrial. He has a strong belief in the strength of the case filed against Rhoden. He felt bad for the Dugan Family.


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