Camper Vans and Overnight Sleepers on Newquay Road are Facing a Ban


Camper vans are facing a new policy that may end their stay on the roads overnight. This proposal has been submitted by the Cornwall Council. With the rising issues and problems reported by the residents, the council is starting to take action.

The proposal started when an increasing number of campervans, adapted vans, and motor homes were observed to park anywhere. They become a source of traffic problems since they are being parked on establishments and even on the roads. They also reportedly recklessly obstruct drop-off areas.

As the problem becomes alarming, the Cornwall council stated that the parking on Trevemper Road overnight is already prohibited. It is one of the usual areas being inhabited by the camper vans. It also affects the Trenance Lane for several years.

The council gave a deadline to prepare before the result comes in. The proposal also asked the residents’ opinions and suggestions to have an immediate decision. The process of decision-making might take place as long as people will not fully respond.

The consultation is expected to gather views and thoughts from the residents. It is also going to be held not only to have a survey but also to conduct a formal consultation which is for the sake of coming up with the best solution and discussion considering different views.

Now, Newquay adapted the same proposal to stop unnecessary overnight sleeping on camper vans. The multi-agencies, Newquay Safe and Newquay & St. Columb Community Network Panel, were also reminded to support and fund the part of Community Networks Highways Scheme. The scheme is now being revived, and an additional proposal is being submitted such as turning the temporary 30mph speed limit permanent for the road outside the Nansleadan.

Indeed, the council wants to take some considerations before making the final decision. They are now requesting the people to submit their opinion regarding the issue.


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