Bristol, one step ahead in fighting Islamophobia

Bristol, one step ahead in fighting Islamophobia
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Today, Bristol has embraced and welcome the Tackling Islamophobia Working Group (TIWG). It is an organisation that encourages people to learn more about Islam and to let them appreciate its art and culture. Moreover, it also envisions itself as a crime-prevention unit since 72% of hate crimes recorded in Bristol are due to Islamophobia.

Hasina Khan, a representative from the TIWG, stated that their plans on this journey is to have a tour around the community and encourage people to join in their programme. They will conduct a seminar against hate crimes, provide for a community feeding program, set up educational activities for kids, and even let their visitors try on hijabs and appreciate the wealthy tradition of Islam.

The TIWG, together with Bristol’s Local Government Unit (LGUs), believe that together, they can prevent the increment of hate crimes and educate people more about the importance of a peaceful community.

State colleges and universities in Bristol each have their own part in the said program of TIWG. It is important that the youth gets involved in this program since they are the dominant population in the community as of the moment. Also, it is best to keep the youth involved so they could spread the word and encourage everyone else on social media about TIWG’s advocacy.

Matthew Hamey, also an advocate against hate crimes and racism, stated that there shouldn’t be any stain of racism in the 21st century. Hamey also stands on his principle that people should be educated and the government should be stricter on implementing just punishments against human rights violators.

The TIWG have started their journey in Bristol last week and the results have been great. Their advocacy is gaining attention both in social media and the physical community. They are planning to continue this project until hate crimes drop to zero.

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  1. Stop Irishphobia , the Irish People do suffer in silence from Racism and noone takes any notice of that as it seems to be exceptable,


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