A Home Care Open Doors to Lonely Elderlies on Christmas Day

A Home Care Open Doors to Lonely Elderlies on Christmas Day
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A home care in Newquay is trying to invite elderlies in the community to attend their Christmas celebration as an effort to reduce sadness and depression as a result of loneliness.

Residents and Staff members at Anchor’s Kimberley Court have arranged a day especially for elderlies living in the town alone in the hopes of keeping the lonely elderlies in touch during special occasions such as Christmas day at the home care.

On Christmas Day, the attendees will enjoy lunch with the people at Kimberley Court, join fun activities such as sing-alongs and games. And, after enjoying a day of happy memories, all the guests will be sent home whenever they are ready without having to pay for anything.

The manager of the home care, Carrie Lewis expressed that Christmas day is a time where friends and families gather together for fun and talks over mouth-watering meals. Also, Christmas can be very lonely if you live alone so Lewis wanted to stretch out the love and companionship the home care can offer to any elderly who might be facing Christmas day alone.

Everyone in Kimberley Court takes the effort to go out for their residents because some of them don’t have anyone in their homes but themselves. The people in the home care are considered as a family so they are very glad to take some people in to join them for the special day we all know as Christmas.

Moreover, they can arrange transportation for their guests so anyone can contact them anytime for details.

If you yourself know someone who is alone in Newquay and would be very willing to join Kimberley Court on Christmas day, please call Carrie Lewis using the number 0800 085 4284. Slots are limited so it comes on a first-come-first-serve basis.

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