Social Distancing Remain In Place As Bridgwater Gradually Re-Open

Social Distancing Remain In Place As Bridgwater Gradually Re-Open
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A few businesses in Bridgwater re-opened yesterday following the government’s move to ease the lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic. The government had set June 1 as the date for the gradual re-opening of the country, after two months of total lockdown.

However, the few businesses that re-opened maintained the social distancing rule as directed by the government. The rule requires that customers and the staff maintain a 2-meter social distance from each other at all times.

Additionally, every person is required to wear a face mask while in public to prevent the spread of corona virus. In addition, businesses are required to place hand sanitizers at key points within the premises to ensure that they are accessible to all customers.

However, some MPs have called on the government to reduce the distance to be in line with other countries. They argued that this would help save time and jobs, thus helping the hospitality sector recover at a faster rate.

The worst-hit places are restaurants, pubs, entertainment joints, and theatres because the number of patrons and staff needed will be reduced to comply with the 2-meter social distance rule.

The prime minister was concerned with the complaints raised by the MPs. On May 27, he ordered the SAGE agency to review the directive. However, the agency maintained that the directive should remain in place until the number of new coronavirus infections stabilizes.

The spokesperson at the prime minister’s office urged businesses to enforce the required 2-meter social distance directive once they resume operations. However, he promised that the government would review the directive as soon as possible.

Although the initial 1-meter social distancing was effective, a recent study suggested that a 2-meter physical distance was more effective in lowering the risk of the transmission of the coronavirus infection. Businesses are required to adhere to this directive strictly.



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