Skybus Airlines Planning to Close Newquay Hangar by May 2020

Skybus Airlines Planning to Close Newquay Hangar by May 2020

The UK’s Skybus airlines recently announced its plans to close its hangar in Newquay in four months. The airline set May 30th as the last operating day of the Newquay-based hangar. The move to close the hangar was informed by the airline’s efforts in consolidating its engineering at the Land’s End to reduce the fleet complexity.

The airline is currently owned and operated by the Isles Steamship Group. In a press statement released today, the owner termed the decision as a strategic operational change to operate only one aircraft type rather than the two operating currently.

Skybus was initially operating four BN-2 aircraft until they recently consolidated to only three aircraft to cut on the losses. Last month, they slashed the aircraft from three to the current two in a bid to cut on the losses.

The group’s spokesperson informed ch-aviation that they had taken that decision not to renew their lease on Newquay’s hangar as a financial strategy measure to improve the airline’s financial status. However, he was quick to clarify that the decision will not affect their flight schedule to Newquay.

From the information obtained from the ch-aviation flight schedule, Skybus operates one weekly flight (22X) to Land’s End from St. Mary airport. In addition, the airline operates another flight (6X) every week to Newquay.

The airline operates 12 daily flights from its major operating base, Land’s End, to three destinations using two major routes. However, due to the current financial challenges they are facing,  they have reviewed and rescheduled their flights to cut on operational costs.

During the AGM held last month, they resolved to take some strategic measures to streamline the airline’s operations and provide a better experience to their customers. The shareholders agreed to close down the Newquay-based hangar to cut on the operational costs. However, to avoid inconveniences due to abrupt closure, they resolved to close it in May.

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