Skinner’s Brewery has Extended Its Fundraising Campaign to Build an Outdoor Dining Space

Skinner’s Brewery has Extended Its Fundraising Campaign to Build an Outdoor Dining Space
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After reaching its original target within a week, Skinner’s Brewery has extended its crowdfunding goal. The aim of extending the fundraising campaign is to build an outdoor dining space.

The new outdoor dining space will be built at its headquarters in Truro. The brewery has 19 days to end its fundraiser on the Newquay-based platform. The brewery hopes to hit its £150,000 target before then, having already reached £127,000 of the original £100,000 target.

Skinner’s Brewery is a family business, with Steve and Elaine as the owners. Steve Skinner and Elaine Skinner have appealed to fans to support the brewery after being struck by the Covid-19 pandemic.

The funds will help manage the brewery until the time when bars, pubs, and hotels reopen again, during which production rises again.

Steve Skinner says that since the initial target amount has been reached, they would use the extra money to improve their visitors’ experience at the location in Newham. He appeals to fans to help them go from surviving to thriving.

He further adds that the building of the outdoor dining space by the waterside in Newham will give room for visitors to eat, drink and party regularly.

According to Steve Skinner, they plan to set up food outlets, serve their freshest brews on tap, and offer regular live music events around the city centre.

He further adds that this will create some new job opportunities for those in the food industries and music performers, most of whom the Covid-19 pandemic has hit particularly hard. The improvement of the brewery will be a way of giving back to society.

The founder and co-owner of Skinner brewery, Steve, pleads to fans who like the idea of improving the brewery to support the brewery’s fundraising goal.

Those willing to help out the brewery can do so by visiting their fundraising website,

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