Single Mingle Pub in Truro City Announces Change in Operation

Single Mingle Pub in Truro City Announces Change in Operation

A controversial Cornish pub which was a popular meeting point for single people announced it will no longer be a singles pub. The pub was allowing in single people only to help them overcome loneliness.

The announcement was made on Sunday, February 23, through Facebook. The Facebook post indicated that the changes will take effect in two weeks.

Located along Lemon Street in Truro, Single Mingle Pub opened its doors on January 20, 2020. The bar replaced a popular Indian restaurant, Truro Tandoori. The replacement created controversies as married people and those in relationships were urged to stay away.

Single Mingle became a hot discussion topic on Facebook as customers were required to prove their relationship status on Facebook to access the bar as single people.

The owner, Sazzadur Rahman, said that he opened the curry house in 1997. He later decided to turn it into a singles pub as he realized that many people were lonely due to the difficulties of finding relationships.

Sazzadur went ahead to say that his goal was to bring friendship and happiness to lonely people.

Sazzadur noted that there is no other similar bar in the country and that’s why they badly needed it in Truro. He added that it will bring change to society.

He added that the country had so many people who are suffering from mental health and loneliness. Therefore, the bar came in handy at the right time to bring a difference in the lives of such people.

Initially, the bar was charging £20 for weekend entry but later slashed it to £10. However, entry fees ware later scrapped to allow in more people.

After the announcement, the bar allowed non-singles in but the singles were reserved a space on the upper floors.

However, some people requested the owner to revert the bar to the initial Truro Tandoori.

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