Significant Success by Exeter University in Containing COVID-19 Outbreak

Significant Success by Exeter University in Containing COVID-19 Outbreak
Simon Cobb/Wikimedia Commons

The safety measures put by Exeter University in containing the spread of COVID-19 has significantly yielded positive results. The new term began with students violating the new coronavirus guidelines, but onward transmission in the community and Exeter area has reduced with more safety measures.

Although it has reported a few cases, the Cornwall Campus is a significant example of Exeter’s university where the safety efforts have contained the disease’s spread. Among the measures put by Exeter University include a soft lockdown that prohibits students from meeting other households indoors.

Mike shore-NYE, the registrar and secretary of Exeter’s University, noted the positive trend and thanked the students and colleagues for abiding by the set new guidelines. While speaking to them, he said that their actions have helped control the spread of COVID-19.

He also noted with great concern about the sacrifices they had to take, such as restrictions and self-isolation. Mike promised to listen and respond to any issues and concerns as they emerged over the problematic situation to help lessen worry and confusion.

The vast support offered by colleagues and students at Exeter’s University, in conjunction with Public Health England (PHE), has placed the area under medium risk level. However, it has a high number of cases compared to other locations. While significant issues are linked to Exeter, the Cornwall Campus did not record any rise in the cases.

The registrar also echoed the Prime Minister’s words that insisted that universities should remain open with safety measures put in place. However, he urged students to continue taking the right actions so that restrictions can be lifted and learning stretched. While closing his speech, the registrar thanked and appreciated the colleagues, community members, and students for numerous self-isolation support. He promised that they would sail through the pandemic together as one community.

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  1. Ridiculous Universities never should have opened should have been all online. They have put me and my daughter in great danger. Students go himr

  2. It is of great concern that the many students living in the community rather than university accommodation pose a considerable threat to vulnerable in the city


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