Several Men Produced Forged NHS Employment IDS When Caught Out in the Streets

Several Men Produced Forged NHS Employment IDS When Caught Out in the Streets

Several men produced fake National Health Service employment identification cards during checks conducted by officers in Newquay. The policemen were conducting checks for individuals who are not from the town during the Newquay lockdown. The discovery of this forgery happened when the group of men produced the NHS IDs alleging that they were health service workers.

The lockdown rules prohibit visitors in the town, but key workers like the NHS staff are exempted. This is after the government established new guidelines and regulations to help curb the rate of infection of Covid-19. Currently, the government has imposed lockdown rules to reduce the movement of citizens. Police officers have the right to arrest or fine anyone breaching the lockdown rules with the exclusion of key workers.

Sergeant Steve Johnson, who is stationed at the Newquay Police, said that the men had provided the NHS identification cards to stay in Newquay. However, it was established that the men produced fake ID cards. According to Sergeant Johnson, the officer who conducted the check, he realized that the IDs were forged and that the men were not employees of NHS as they had previously declared.

He went on to say that there was a likelihood that the men purchased the fake IDs intending to stay for a holiday in Newquay. They used the fake NHS employment identification cards to be exempted from the breach of lockdown rules when they were caught out in the streets.

Sergeant Steve also appealed to establishment owners to conduct more extensive checks when requiring individuals to produce their IDs. He stated that this would help to determine whether the employment details provided are valid and whether the Identification Documents produced is official. Besides, it is recommendable to know how original documents looks like to spot a fake one quickly.

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