Senior Counsel Casts Doubts On The Happening Of Council Election Scheduled For May

Senior Counsel Casts Doubts On The Happening Of Council Election Scheduled For May

The next county hall election envisioned having 87 councillors elected, way down below from the present 123. This decrement is according to the new arrangements of the county hall.

During such an election, the posts are declared vacant and other people are free to contest. This election was scheduled to happen in May, but it might not run as planned due to the coronavirus pandemic.

In a meeting held to discuss the induction programme for the new councillors, Malcolm Brown expressed his concerns over the coronavirus pandemic which might force the election to be postponed. Brown said that nobody would dare bet about the happening of these elections.

Although the government expected the elections to occur, Brown had not received a final decision regarding the elections. He said that he was still waiting until next year to now the direction that the government will take.

Apart from the county hall elections, the police and crime commissioner elections have also been affected by the pandemic. Other referendums concerning development in Cornwall have also been put off due to coronavirus.

The meeting also brainstormed ideas on alternative ways in which the election can be held. One of the considerations is to hold the elections under strict coronavirus regulations. For instance, the council officers suggested dividing new councillors into groups for the induction program.

Councillor meetings can also be done under social distance guidelines that would allow 26 people in a session. Digital approaches were also considered for the meetings. Councillors who cannot manage to attend the online conferences will benefit from watching the recorded version later.

The councils also discussed introducing a new official ceremony that will welcome new councillors to the office. During the ceremony, the councillors under the company of close relatives will sign their acceptance of office papers in the county chairman’s presence.


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