Secret Pizza Restaurant in Truro Wows Food Fans

Secret Pizza Restaurant in Truro Wows Food Fans

The Pizza Cabina restaurant is the talk of the town in Truro. Many satisfied diners have been wowed by the pizzas offered there. However, the restaurant has remained a secret, and some people do not know about its existence.

According to the owner, the restaurant is the best secret ever kept in Truro. The business is located at the end of an industrial estate, and therefore, only the eagle-eyed customers can discover it.

Some pizza fans have heard about it via social media. Others have heard about its existence through their friends or relatives.

The restaurant is owned and operated by two family members. They are full-time workers in other jobs. Therefore, they open the restaurant on Fridays and Saturdays only.

Chef Jono and her daughter, Anya, run the restaurant. It is made up of two shipping containers. One container serves as the kitchen, and the other is the restaurant.

Chef Jono is a pizza enthusiast who was trained in Australia. He said that the restaurant was initially a passion project, but it has now turned into a juggernaut.

They use Italian flour to make the dough together with other locally produced ingredients. Additionally, the pizzas are wood-fired, and they have a 300g base and are 12 inches in size.

The Pizza Cabina’s tasty pizzas have wowed pizza fans. People have been travelling from as far as Chacewater and Perranporth to savour these delicious pizzas.

Chef Jono indicated that their aim is to make the best Italian-style pizzas for the pizza fans in Truro and the entire Cornwall County. He added that they are getting positive feedback from their customers.

Some customers have taken to their social media to commend the restaurant for offering delicious pizzas. Others have recommended the pizzas to their friends and family.

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