Sandford Park Fountains vandalised again

Sandford Park Fountains vandalised again
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Two fountains in Cheltenham’s Sandford Park have once again fallen victim to vandals who poured a mysterious substance into them. The substance is believed to be detergent as a large amount of dense, white foam could be seen coming from the fountains. The foam was noticed this morning, suggesting that the incident could have taken place at night.

According to the council, it will take between 4 and 5 hours to remove the foam and detergent and get the fountains back to their regular state. The cleanup exercise will cost close to £200 of taxpayer money.

Two fountains, an ornamental pond, and the great fountain in the larger part of the park have all been vandalised before in the same way. The council did not seem shocked by the incident. A spokeswoman stated, “This happens more often than you’d like”.

The Green Space Strategy is the branch of Cheltenham Borough Council responsible for looking after the park. They have hired a contractor who maintains and fixes the fountains. Removing the detergent from the fountains will require putting in a new filter, draining all the water, and refilling it.

Incidences such as this are a major thorn in the council’s flesh. Unfortunately, there is no way for Green Space Strategy to prevent vandals from polluting the fountains. They believe that only education or the police can truly stop these cases from occurring. The council further believes that putting up signs warning against vandalism may only motivate people to do it more.

Sandford Park, situated at the end of Cheltenham High Street, is one of the borough’s most beautiful green spaces. The park was acquired by the council in 1927 and underwent an extensive renovation in 2002. It has a recreational section which is great for picnics, games, and other outdoor activities as well as an ornamental section where the incident happened.

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