Road Closures Set for Gloucester’s 1st 10K Run

Road Closures Set for Gloucester’s 1st 10K Run

On May 19, Sunday, onlookers will witness the very first Gloucester 10K run to unfold.
The route of the contest will take a view on the docks connecting along with some roadways that lead to Gloucester Park for the finishing line. Four separate races will take place simultaneously. All of which start at the park. On Sunday, some major roads will be closed to pave a way for the event.

Here are the road closures you need to know:
Trier Way: from Bristol Road to Park End Road, both directions
Trier Way: from Park End Road to Park Road, northbound only
Park Road: from Trier Way to Brunswick Road, both directions
Brunswick: Road from Parliament Street to Spa Road, both directions
Parliament Street: from Brunswick Road to Southgate Street, both directions
Spa Road: from entrance of Gloucester Park to Southgate Street, both directions
Southgate Street: from Spa Road to Commercial Road, both directions
Commercial Road: from Kimbrose Way to Severn Road, both directions
Severn Road: from Commercial Road to Llanthony Road, both directions
Llanthony Road: from Severn Road to A430 Llanthony, both directions
Llanthony Road to St Ann Way, southbound only
St Ann Way to Bristol Road, eastbound only
The Quay: from Severn Road to Quay Street, both directions
The Quay: from Quay Street to Westgate Street, northbound only
Westgate Street: from The Quay to Castle Meads Way, westbound only
Castle Meads Way: from Westgate Street to Llanthony Road, southbound only

Majority of the road closures will start at 8 AM and will be expected to reopen at 11 AM.
Mr. Wilson, one of the event‘s organisers, said that the course will be flat and fast which entitles the runners to have the time of their lives while seeing an awesome view. He uttered that the true beauty of the challenge, even when it is a fun run in the city, the event is for everyone including charity, recreational, club, and elite runners or athletes.
According to him, the event gives the ultimate reason for family and friends to give support to their beloved runners. He also added that this can also serve as an opportunity to do a historical visit in the Cathedral, simple drinking of refreshments in a cafe, or an astonishing visit to Gloucester Quays shopping centre.

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