Road Closures on Truro: Latest Updates

Max Channon /

St. Austell northbound road is one of the first roadways closed this week and it has been causing delays around A30 and Truro central areas.

According to Inrix, the official traffic monitoring service in the area, the road closures were due to emergency repairs associated with the damaged pipes and burst water main that happened earlier this week. The water system in the area is being monitored regularly and this incident of a burst water main was the first time.

Aside from A30 and Truro, there is also developing heavy traffic ingestion in A30 westbound affecting Zelah and St. Allen roads. The Chiverton Cross roundabout which was used by the motorists as an alternative route, for the time being, is also starting to build up light to moderate traffic ingestion.

Inrix also stated that travel time from Chiverton Cross roundabout to Truro central takes about 14 minutes.

Just this morning, heavy traffic is reported in Codda, A30. Both directions going to Bolventor and Jamaica Inn are experiencing heavy traffic since it is the most affected by the roadwork. Likewise, nearby areas such as Tregolls and Tresawls road on A390, Highertown were also experiencing the same.

Inrix guarantees the motorists and the general public that they are doing their best to keep repairing time to minimal. The Cornwall police and the local traffic enforcement staff of Truro are currently keeping a close watch to any accidents that may happen.

For southbound travellers, there are 3 passages available in A30 to take as an alternate route. For northbound travellers, it is advised to give an hour allowance for your travel time due to the heavy traffic even on the given alternate routes.

This traffic situation will last for about 2 days or less. The Cornwall police and Inrix have already published their public statement where they apologized to the general public and asked for their cooperation.


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