Residents Flock Falmouth Beach despite the Ongoing Covid Lockdown

Residents Flock Falmouth Beach despite the Ongoing Covid Lockdown

Hundreds of Falmouth residents and visitors were seen on the beach over the weekend despite the ongoing third lockdown in the country.

According to a Twitter user under the name Scott Thompson, people drove to the beach and turned the seafront into a car park. Mr Scott lamented that people who do not live near the beach drove to the beach to be with those who live near the beach.

Mr Scott posted a picture which showed a fully parked seafront, contrary to what many people are used to. Although some people park on the beach, only a handful of vehicles are parked simultaneously at any single moment.

People have turned to be lawbreakers recently. The third lockdown is in effect to help contain the coronavirus pandemic. People are expected to remain indoors and only travel when it is necessary.

However, there are incidences where police encounter covid-19 regulation violators. According to the Devon and Cornwall Police, over 250 people were caught flouting covid-19 regulations yesterday in a span of 8 hours.

Falmouth Town councillor noted that people were flocking in the Glly Beach café for food and drinks. The councillor also noted that the vehicles on the coast road were unusually many.

Cornwall Council had recently hiked the parking fees in some parts of Falmouth by 400% to discourage people from travelling and parking in the town.

Additionally, the government relies on law enforcement authorities to ensure that people observe covid-19 regulations to prevent a surge in new cases before the vaccine is distributed to every part of the country.

Covid infractions have been witnessed in most parts of the country, with most people opting to travel despite the dangers of contracting or spreading the virus. However, the majority population has been observing the safety regulations issued by the government.


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  1. Where and when was this image taken? It doesn’t look like any Falmouth beach l know of? When was it taken, you would have to be very brave to be lying on the beach.
    Do you not realise how important at this time to be absolutely honest and accurate with your reporting.

  2. Photo does not look like a winter sea scene in Falmouth, or anywhere else at this time of year in England. Are you sure this is not a library stock photo???

  3. Why use a picture that was taken in the summer which gives a false impression surely someone has a picture of the crowds over the weekend.


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