Renowned Black Actor’s Statue in Bristol Damaged by Vandals

Renowned Black Actor’s Statue in Bristol Damaged by Vandals

Vandals poured corrosive chemicals on a statue of a renowned black actor that is located in Bristol. The night incident severely damaged the statue that is located at St Paul’s in Bristol.

The statue was erected in 1987 to honour Alfred Fagon during his first death anniversary. Fagon was a Jamaican playwright, actor, and poet. He was the first black person in Bristol City to be honoured with a statue.

The respected actor moved to England in 1955 when he was 18 years old. He was a worker at British Rail before he joined the Royal Corps of Signals.

Later, he moved to Bristol, where he worked as a producer, writer, and actor in theatre, radio, film, and television. Fagon died from a heart attack in August 1986 in his London house.

In addition to the statue, the Alfred Fagon Awards was launched in remembrance of his great contribution to art. The awards are held annually to recognize the best new plays by black British playwrights who are of African or Caribbean descent.

The incident was reported to the police, and they are currently investigating the matter. The police have treated the incident as a criminal activity and inquiries are ongoing. The police called upon witnesses to record statements to help them in their investigations.

Somerset and Avon Police confirmed the incident, and they have resolved to liaise with Bristol authorities to establish the extent of damages. The police want to establish if the statue was completely damaged or whether it could be repaired immediately.

The playwright’s sister in law termed the incident as idiotic and ignorant. Ms Judy Malone-Fagon was shocked that someone could destroy the only statue of a black person in the city. She expressed her disappointment following the incident because Fagon did not wrong anyone.

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