Rallies Against Lockdown Were Held Across Cornwall and Devon This Morning

Rallies Against Lockdown Were Held Across Cornwall and Devon This Morning
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Anti-lockdown rallies were held all across Cornwall and Devon this morning. These rallies were under an international movement called “A Stand in The Park.”

Brady Gunn first launched this movement in Australia. He often displays himself on social sites urging people to wear yellow jackets or clothes and gather in a local park from 10 am to 11 am every Sunday. 

Gatherings like this are not permitted in England because of the COVID-19 lockdown rules. According to statistics, there are over 125,000 deaths in the United Kingdom linked to COVID-19. In England, over 110,000 people have died due to the virus.

However, despite it all, the movement claims that the events they hold are not rallies but just a simple stand together with people in yellow.

The parks affected in Devon are the Rock Park located in Barnstaple, Freedom Fields in Plymouth, Rougemont Park, and Exwick Fields in Exeter. In Cornwall, people were persuaded to stand and wear yellow in Truro, Boscawen Park, and Coronation Park situated in Launceston. 

Almost over 40 parks are mentioned in England, and these assemblies are currently considered illegal. The past week, a man got caught by the police for attending the protest in Freedom Field in Plymouth. 

While they were having a conversation with two civilians, the police stated that a man suddenly came over complaining and confronting them about the COVID-19 regulations being implemented. The man refused to reason with the police, even refusing to say his name.

As a consequence of that man’s withholding his identity and refusal to follow the COVID-19 regulations, he was apprehended. He was then taken to the Charles Cross station and was given a Penalty Notice before he was released.

The police are bent on enforcing the COVID-19 regulations. According to them, following the rules is not according to one’s individual preference. 

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