Racism Victim Receives Overwhelming Gifts


Ashley Davis and his family couldn’t be more overwhelmed by the enormous support they received after he spoke out about his racial discrimination experience.

Last month, reports about how Ashley suffered racism from schoolmates surfaced via Cornwall Live. Ashley has a mixed-race ethnicity and goes to a primary school in Cornwall. He started going there in September last year when his family moved back to Cornwall from Liverpool. He narrated how he was called names by students – egregious names like the n-word, “black idiot”, and “slave”.

His story prompted people to give their support to the 11-year-old boy. People across the UK took the time to send gifts and other forms of support to the kid to make him feel welcomed.

A letter from Georgia said how brave he thought the boy is and how his story touched him (or her). He also reminded Ashley that despite the intolerant people in the world, there’s still a huge portion who are kind, genuine, and would love to be Ashley’s friend.

Ashley also received a birthday party invitation from George, an 8-year-old kid from Blisford. He shared to Ashley how he related to his situation, coming from a mixed race family himself. He also said how he wanted Ashley to come to his 9th birthday party to have the opportunity of being friends.

Another Cornwall native, Yana, told Ashley how she completely understood Ashley’s situation and that she commended Ashley and his family’s bravery. She also gave the boy a piece of advice: that he should take up his space with the knowledge that in whatever space he may have chosen, there’s a multitude of people cheering him on.

Natalie, Ashley’s mom, who works as a carer and whose grandparents are originally from Jamaica shared how she also suffered from racism, hearing comments like how she’s an n-word nurse.

Cornwall Live tried to get a comment from the school, but the head teacher refused to give one, saying how they could not give comments on issues that involve individual students.

Ashley, on the other hand, expressed his gratitude to the people who gave him support, saying that they all made him feel better and that he hopes that someday, things will be better.


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