Proposed seven tower blocks dubbed as “Trump’s wall” in Bristol rejected

Weirdoldhattie/Wikimedia Commons

Bristol’s development control committee has rejected a private developer’s proposal to erect several tower blocks in Bedminister District.

The council voted 7-3 to reject the plan after concerns about building size were raised. Dozens of residents have also expressed their utter dislike of the plan, likening the building plan to “Trump’s wall” and calling it “oppressive [and] ugly”.

Private developer A2Dominion originally proposed to build eight and 12 story high blocks containing 550 student beds and an additional 49 affordable flats. The scheme, according to the developers, was deemed high-quality. This was after the developer coordinated with the Bristol City Council and the University of Bristol in planning the housing scheme prior to formally filing a development application in January this year.

Despite these efforts, residents deemed the proposed changes too radical and altering to the community, calling out the developers for showing “a total lack of respect for the community”.

Last Wednesday, a meeting was held between concerned residents and stakeholders. One stakeholder, Nick Townsend of the Windmill Hill and Malago Community Planning Group, condemned the plan as an “awful application” as a “real turkey”.

He called out the developer for their contemptuous response after around 500 residents opposed the height of the buildings. Instead of adjusting the building height, the developers modified the plan and made them taller. This has lead Councillor Mark Wright to conclude that the developer should rethink its method of approaching communities, not by acting as if rules don’t apply to them.

Another councillor, Nicola Beech, did not consider the proposal as a good quality plan and agreed with the residents that the developer did not show any respect to the community. “This application demonstrates a total lack of respect for the community of Bedminster, plan-making and Bristol as a fantastic place to live and work,” she said.

The plans are supposed to be part of an extensive redevelopment scheme for Bedminster Green in Bristol.


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