Portishead Brewing Company to Replace Blues Seas Fish Bar


A new micropub known as the Portishead Brewing Company is all set to be opened in the Portishead Precinct following its announcement by the Times just last month. The Portishead Brewing Company will be situated where the former pub Blue Seas Fish Bar was located.

While it will be serving the usual pub food and beverages such as draught beers, coffee, and pizza, it will also be showing customers what craft beers are all about. This would further add to the pub’s whole charm. This will prove to be something a little bit different as compared to most of the pubs that have been in Portishead Precinct.

The micropub plans to show the customers what craft beers are all about through a small microbrewery team that specializes in brewing beers. The bar would be open from 10 am to 10 pm every Tuesday to Thursday. On Fridays and Saturdays, it would open from 10 am until midnight. It would open from 10 am up to 6 pm only during Sunday.

While there have been some worries about whether the pub would affect the residential and commercial locations in the surrounding areas, on the contrary, the North Somerset Council stated that it would even benefit the local economy. Their statement even reports that the bar will even compliment the retail scene in the surrounding areas. Furthermore, this is said to even support the nightlife of Portishead. Since there are no residential areas in the surroundings, there are no expected troubles that will be caused by the bar due to noise and such. Since an existing pub was already in its place before, it was coined as the most suitable area to hold the project.

With that, the Portishead Town Council gave the headway to start the project last March. The scheme will be carried out as planned.

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