Popular Pub in Cornwall Closed after Coronavirus Warning

Popular Pub in Cornwall Closed after Coronavirus Warning

A popular pub in Cornwall was closed yesterday afternoon as a precautionary measure against coronavirus. The decision to close the pub was decided after learning that a customer, who was in the pub over the weekend, tested positive for coronavirus.

The management of the Devon and Cornwall Inn immediately called for a crisis meeting to discuss the matter. They resolved to close the pub because they could not explain if the customer had any contact with the staff or other customers.

While announcing the indefinite closure, the management disclosed that they are making arrangements to fumigate the pub. The staff members were also requested to self-isolate themselves as a precautionary measure.

The pub had collected the customers’ details through the compulsory test and trace program initiated by the government. Therefore, they have handed the contact details to the health officials for tracing purposes.

Meanwhile, the pub will remain closed until they finalize the contact tracing and fumigation processes. No staff or customer will be allowed into the pub’s premises until further notice.

The pub announced the closure on Facebook and requested their customers to cooperate, as they work round the clock to solve the issue.

The management noted that they have been following all the government guidelines since the pub was reopened. Therefore, it was in the best interest of the staff and customers to close the pub as a safety measure to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

The management requested all the customers to cooperate when contacted by the NHS test and trace team. In so doing, they will help the NHS team solve the case faster and advise the pub’s management accordingly.

The management said that they are optimistic the pub will be opened in a couple of days. The reopening updates will be communicated through social media.


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