Popular Event in Truro Cancelled Due to Coronavirus Pandemic

Popular Event in Truro Cancelled Due to Coronavirus Pandemic

The 2020 Primestock Show, usually held December in Truro, has been cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic. The popular event is held annually at Lemon Quay in Truro on the first Wednesday of the month of December.

This year’s event was scheduled for December 2, but it has since been cancelled due to public gathering restrictions.

The event’s organizing committee said that the public would not be allowed into the Truro market over safety fears. The committee also noted that the event planning involves numerous logistics, which may not be complete by December due to the coronavirus pandemic’s delays and restrictions.

The committee admitted that there is too much risk involved in the event. Therefore, they cannot afford to put the lives of hundreds of people at risk. Instead, they had to make the necessary adjustments and keep the public away from the event as a precautionary measure.

The show is popular with farmers, townspeople, and country folk who gather in Truro to witness the animal competition. This year’s event would have been the 117th event since the start of the popular animal competition.

However, the organizers are planning to hold a mini competition for cattle and sheep at the Truro market. Only the local butchers will be allowed to participate due to the government’s restrictions to curb the spread of covid-19.

The local butchers will have an opportunity to purchase the animals that will emerge as the winners. Then they will slaughter the animals and sell beef to their customers during Christmas.

Although this year’s event has fallen victim to covid-19, the organizing committee is looking forward to a better event in 2021. They hope that the coronavirus pandemic will be contained by that time, and the world will be in a better place so that the next year’s festival will not encounter any problems.

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