Popular Bakery to Close Due to Renovation of the Quadrangle in Cheltenham

Popular Bakery to Close Due to Renovation of the Quadrangle in Cheltenham
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A popular bakery shop located at the Quadrangle in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire is set to close down due to the incoming multi-million major renovation of the five-story building located in the middle of the town center. The owners of the Swallow Bakery has sent several thank you messages to its loyal customers and clients as the food and drink establishment is going to close down to give way to the major revamp of the office and leisure site which is located at the junction of the Imperial Square and the Promenade.

The bakery which is famous among visitors and customers in the area announced that the closure will be next week particularly on Monday, March 18, 2019. However, the owners also happily informed their regular customers that they will be opening a new cafe shop located within the area right across the road beginning March 25 or a week after the closure. The cafe will be called Clementine and will replace the area in which the Queen’s Circus is located.

The Swallow Bakery which has been offering the best cakes and coffee to their loyal customers for more than 10 years has put several thank you messages in their shop’s entrance today. The owners of the said bakery shop are looking forward to meeting their customers again to their new and “artisan cafe” called Clementine.

In relation to this, the management of the Quadrangle through their website has informed the general public that the transformation and the renovation of the building will start in the later part of the spring. It is expected that the renovation will be finished and the building will be occupied by tenants not later than the first quarter of 2020.

The Quadrangle which was built more the 40 years ago has been criticized by the public as one of Cheltenham’s “ugliest buildings”.

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