Martin Gerrish resigns from Somerset County Council for ‘personal reasons’


Mr Gerrish served as the council’s chief internal auditor for eight years. His job was to ensure the authority’s financial data is accurate and managing risks associated with its income and expenditure. The results of his work is given back to the council throughout the financial year, giving the council an up-to-date picture of its financial position.

Following the end of his notice period, the post will be filled by South West Audit Partnership (SWAP) assistant director Lisa Fryer.

Peter Lewis, the council’s interim director of finance, led well wishes to Mr Gerrish’s service at a meeting of the council’s audit committee in Taunton on November 22.

Mr Lewis stated that members of this committee have been used to excellent support from Martin Gerrish. He said that Mr Gerrish has indicated his need to leave the council for personal reasons, so it has been necessary to consider how his role is carried out in the future. Mr Lewis did not elaborate on Mr Gerrish’s personal circumstances which had prompted his resignation.

Mr Lewis said Ms Fryer’s appointment as the new chief internal auditor would ensure the same level of scrutiny could be maintained. In his written report, he said: “The committee has worked with her and will hopefully be assured of the quality of her advice. Martin and Lisa are already working together to use his notice period to ensure a smooth transition to these new arrangements. There will be no additional cost to the council because the role undertaken will be largely unchanged.


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