European Elections 2019 in Gloucestershire and the New MEPs

European Elections 2019 in Gloucestershire and the New MEPs

Ten of thousands of people in six districts in Gloucestershire voted for the Brexit party during the European Parliament elections. The party proved dominant in 5 districts in the county, and it managed to garner a third of the votes. The Liberal Democrats came second with a quarter of the votes and the Pro-Remain Party, The Greens, was third with 18 per cent of the votes. The Conservatives came fourth with 10 per cent followed by Labour with 6.1 per cent, Change UK with 2.9 per cent, and UKIP with 2.7 per cent.

The Six MEPs Elected:

All votes were pooled into the South West region where six MEPs were elected based on the final tally. They include:

  • Ann Widdecombe- Brexit Party
  • Caroline Voaden- Lib Dem
  • James Glancy- Brexit
  • Molly Scott Cato- Green
  • Christina Jordan-Brexit
  • Martin Horwood- Lib Dem

Seats by Party

Both the Labour and the Conservative had a bad night as they did not win any seats. There was no change on the Green party as MEP Molly Scott Cato was able to retain her seat. The Labour party lost completely as their candidate, Andrew Adonis, lost his bid to win. Also, UKIP’s candidate, Carl Benjamin, lost his bid and was not able to gain a seat.

Gloucester City Council

In Gloucester, the Brexit party topped the elections with former Conservative MP, Ann Widdecombe, now elected as the South West MEP. Also, the newly founded Brexit Party has won two other MEPs in the South West region. Since she joined Nigel Farage’s party, Ms Widdecombe has become one of the party’s most popular campaigners. According to a report done, the South West region had the biggest contestants in the election. Nigel Farage, who was Brexit’s lead candidate, topped the South East region election, and he has been elected to the European Parliament.



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