Police To Launch Special Cameras To Capture Motorists Using Their Mobile Phones In Gloucestershire Roads

Police To Launch Special Cameras To Capture Motorists Using Their Mobile Phones In Gloucestershire Roads

Police in Gloucestershire will be cracking down on drivers who use their phones during traffic, thanks to special long-range cameras in the coming weeks. The project is part of a campaign by Gloucestershire Constabulary.

Gloucestershire Constabulary, the team assigned for this task, will be undertaking the campaign after being requested by Martin Surl, the Police and Crime Commissioner.

This is done after a report showed that despite the tough penalties imposed on drivers using phones while on the wheel, a significant number of drivers are still seen using their phones while driving, endangering their lives and the lives of other pedestrians and motorists.

A survey by a known insurance company showed that over 16% of drivers admitted to using their devices while driving. About 66% percent were entirely unaware that the crime could attract a 200-pound fine or six points on their license. The tough penalties were introduced last year, and drivers who are caught breaking the rule will be subjected to the new penalties.

The crackdown will be carried out by a joint force of the police, Gloucestershire county council, and Gloucestershire fire and rescue service.

Jo Arnold, the police and crime plan’s safe and social driving coordinator, said that the special constabulary would run several operations in the coming week in different parts of Gloucestershire. He added that most tragic accidents in Gloucestershire are caused by motorists using their phones while driving. He also stressed the importance of educating masses on the law and ensuring people to fight against the crime.

Mr. Surl had previously suggested that drivers caught in the act should have their phones confiscated or even destroyed if the offender is repeatedly caught.

The police and crime commissioner believes that tougher enforcement and punishment is the only way to ensure motorists to stop endangering other people’s lives.





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