Police Seize Huge Quantities of Spice Drugs during a Raid in Bridgwater

Police Seize Huge Quantities of Spice Drugs during a Raid in Bridgwater
West Midlands Police/Flickr

Police officers from Taunton have seized huge quantities of drugs during a raid in Bridgwater. The officers raided the property at the Taunton area after they were tipped off by the members of the public.

During the night raid, the officers confiscated spice drugs of unknown value. Spice has been condemned by the police as the cause of anti-social behaviors that have been witnessed in Taunton.

Spice drugs are classified as class B drugs and were previously known as “legal high” drugs. However, the drugs were later banned, thus rendering them illegal for use in the country.

The officers arrested one man in connection with the incident. The suspect was found in the raided property, and he was in possession of the illegal spice drugs. The officers alleged that the suspect intended to supply the drugs to his dealers and agents.

The confiscated drugs were ferried to the Taunton Police Station under tight security. The property was then marked as a crime scene and cordoned off by police officers as the investigations began.

A statement released by Avon and Somerset Police confirmed the incident. The police spokesperson said that man is being interrogated by the Taunton police officers to establish the source of the hoard.

The spokesperson noted that cases of drug trafficking were on the decline for the last three months due to the lock down. The crime rate has also reduced drastically since March. However, since the lock down has been eased, the traffickers could have taken advantage of the current situation to smuggle the drugs to different parts of the country.

The police thanked the members of the public for their cooperation with the police. However, they warned the public against violating the law even as the country is fighting the corona virus pandemic.



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