Police Seize Cash and Class A Drugs In North Wiltshire

Police Seize Cash and Class A Drugs In North Wiltshire

Police discovered a large quantity of Class A drugs and cash in a vehicle they had flagged down near M4 in North Wiltshire.

The vehicle, a white Audi A5, was stopped by traffic police at around 9:45 pm on Saturday. The car was being driven towards A350 from M4.

The driver was a man, aged 30 years from Chippenham. He was arrested for possession of Class A drugs with the intention to distribute.

Police uncovered a large block of drugs in the glove box of the car. They believe the drugs are cocaine with an estimated street price of between 4,000 to 6000 pounds. Police on further investigation raided an address along Long Close in Chippenham. In the house, 7000 pounds of hard cash was found and seized.

Police released the man while they pursue further inquiries. The man is however still under investigation.

Wiltshire has seen an increase in drug offenses over the past few months. Recent statistics from Plumplot show that Wiltshire had over 1100 cases of drug offenses in the month of April which is a 15 % increase from cases between February and March 2019. The stats have put Wiltshire police on high alert to end the vice.

Detective Con Keith Harford said that there is a firm belief that this arrest has played a significant role in disrupting a much larger operation dealing in Class A drugs. The drugs are believed to have been brought into Wiltshire county for distribution in the Chippenham area.

He added that completely removing the drugs from society is a positive and healthy thing especially considering the effects of drugs, drug abuse, and drug dealing happening on the community.

If you have any information about drug dealing in Wiltshire, you are requested to contact Wiltshire Police on 101 or call 999 especially if you suspect a drug deal is in progress.

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