Police on the lookout for the culprits who pushed a man on an Exeter Canal.

Police on the lookout for the culprits who pushed a man on an Exeter Canal.

Devon and Cornwall Police are continuing the search for a group of individuals who pushed a man at the Clapper Brook Lane East Swing Bridge in Alphington. The incident happened around 3:10 PM on Tuesday, June 6.

Although the man was not hurt and managed to swim back to safety, he has suffered extreme shock and disarray over the incident. The man was within his 50s.

The victim has been reported to undergo therapy after undergoing enormous shock from the public humiliation experienced that day.

The police statement indicated that a group of passersby approached the man from behind and immediately shoved him into the water. The reason for the unprovoked attack is currently being investigated but has been suspected as a prank towards the elderly.

Police officers saw this incident as an unprovoked attack to the man and wanted to know why the group did such travesty to him. No news of the man wanting to file charges against the group was reported as of today. However, the prosecution will continue to investigate the incident to ensure that it won’t happen again.

Incidents of pranks and unprovoked attacks have been common in the area, given the loosening of the quarantine protocols in the city. Police don’t want any other individuals, especially the aged groups, suffer from these pranks and wanted to teach everyone a lesson on the implications of unprovoked attacks in public areas.

Heightened security in the area has been considered given the frequencies of such incidents happening in parks, walk lanes, and canals around Exeter City.

Devon and Cornwall Police are appealing to witnesses as of the writing of this news to show up and provide substantial information related to the incident. For those who have seen the incident, police hotlines can be contacted or approach to the nearest office to issue the statement related to the incident.

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